Chad Harmon

“I have a passion for the fishing industry, I have ever since I was a little kid growing up. I was fortunate enough to have the American dream of my father taking and teaching me about the tactics of fishing and hunting at an early age, which I enjoy passing on to my kids and introducing others to the sport. I haven’t always been successful with everything within the industry, but I have the drive to never give up and to try and try again until I hit what I’ve been striving to achieve.

The tournament scene has always caught my eye, I enjoy putting my knowledge and tactics to the test against others under any fishing conditions.

With guiding there isn’t anything better than seeing someone’s excitement as their landing their first trophy fish. 

Honestly, I enjoy every part of the industry from catching fish on baits I’ve made to speaking in a seminar, teaching others how to be successful at specific tactics. Overall I just try to be a good honest man doing what I love living a life for the Lord.”