8″ Wabull [Fire Bandit]


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The Wabull is a dive and glide jerkbait that will really DANCE when worked with the right rod action. In addition to the side-to-side glide that you would expect from a bait like this, the Wabull has a tremendous up-down action that is great at triggering fish. A proven fish catcher, the Wabull is great for those days when the muskies want something SLOW. Snap on a Wabull and keep it in her face!

The “8″ Wabull” really shines when you want to “move some water”. Same size and shape as the famous “Weagle” surface bait but takes that action down where they live!

8″ Wabull
Number of Hooks & Replacement Size (3) 3/0 Wide Gap Treble
Length: 8″
Weight: 6 oz
Construction: Wood

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