Jim Heffner

I’ve been very fortunate to have been associated with Suick for 44 of my 47 years of chasing muskies. I have been with Suick for 3 generations. All of my big fish have been caught on Suicks during full moon periods.

I purchased my first Suick in 1967. My first cast I caught a 38″ musky. I was asked to test the 10″ baits, weighted, before they were sold on the market. In 1994 again on my first cast I caught the largest musky at the National Alliance with a 10″ Q series weighted Suick.

In 2008, at the World Musy Hunt I caught a 51″ hybrid using a double weighted flat black 9″ Suick. This is my largest fish to date and my biggest thrill was to watch this magnificent musky swim off.