Cisco Kid by Suick

Cisco Kid by Suick

For generations, the Cisco Kidâ„¢ line has represented “America’s Finest Tackle.”

These sensational fish-getters are perfectly balanced and life-like, with an enticing “live bait” action that is unparalleled.

Cisco Kidâ„¢ – some of the most effective lures ever designed. For muskies, northern pike, largemouth bass and more. American made for World Class Anglers!

Baby Cisco Kid. These may be the hottest little 4″ crankbait on the market! They work great for muskies all year long and are proven producers for bass, walleye, pike plus many other gamefish species.

600 Husky Cisco Kid. Old time favorite lure for muskies northern pike and walleye. The 600 Husky 7″ Cisco Kid is perfectly balanced floating diving bait. Light weight for easy casting and trolling. Three diving lip designs for all fishing presentations

700 Topper Cisco Kid. A superb surface fishing lure designed to excite muskies, pike, bass and large fish of all kinds to bite. A remarkable fish catcher The Topper is 4″ long.

1800 Super Husky Cisco Kid. Designed for large predators. A deadly trolling and cranking lure for fresh and salt water fishing. 9 1/2″ in length with a deep diving adjustable stainles steel lip.

Wrangler Cisco Kid. A jointed version of the original Husky Cisco Kid producing a tight fish – attraching wiggle. Great lure for muskies, pike, walleye and saltwater fish. The 7″ Wrangler runs at a medium to deep range casting or trolling.