Spencer Berman

I am the owner and operator of Spencer’s Angling Adventures. Under this umbrella I fish tournaments, do sponsorship promotions, fishing shows, seminars, and TV and video appearances in addition to running a very full guide schedule. At sixteen I started fishing on the Wisconsin Musky Trail and became the youngest boat captain to place in a tournament in trail history. Shortly after that I began to fish on the Professional Musky Tournament Trail and finished eleventh in my first event at age eighteen. In addition to guiding and fishing tournaments I also do a number of media appearances each year including TV shows such as Bad Fish Outdoors, Top Predator Outdoors, Marsh Outdoors and Keyes Outdoors. I also am a major contributor to the Muskie First website and do a number of interviews, radio shows and promotional pieces for them. As you would expect, throughout the winter and spring I participate in a number of sports and fishing trade shows ranging from Ohio to Minnesota. Lastly, I am a regular contributor to both Musky Hunter Magazine and Keyes Outdoors Online Magazine. The bottom line is that I love fishing and the outdoors and am passionate about helping people to better pursue these activities. I hope to see you on the water!