Todd Schulz

Todd Schulz has been a diehard musky fisherman for many many years, spending countless hours on the water to master his craft. Todd is the owner of Musky Moon Outdoors which is a social media company to help educate and share his knowledge on musky fishing. He is also a field editor for MUSKIE Magazine as well as a seminar speaker where he continues to share his knowledge and stories. He also enjoys getting new comers as well as kids into musky fishing. His favorite lure to use is a 10” Suick in which he has caught countless Muskies on. Todd can be found on his Facebook page; Live For The Chase Musky Moon Outdoors as well as his YouTube channel Musky Moon Outdoors. One of Todd’s favorite quotes is; “Put Your Time In On The Water And You Will Get Results”

To contact Todd call 715-212-9745 or visit