Baby 200 Series Cisco Kid [Dark Blue/Silver]


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The Baby Cisco Kid comes in 13 color patterns, the action is a tight wiggle and has internal rattles calling in hungry predators. They are remarkable for walleye, northern pike and smallmouth/largemouth bass. Large size perch, crappies, and even a musky will eagerly pursue’em for a meal.

Baby Cisco Kids are 3″ long with a 1″ plastic lip, they will commonly dive to 5-8 feet deep on a medium length cast-retrieve, and troll down as much as 20 feet

Color patterns are spectacular, lifelike and highly appealing to the eye to attract both anglers and fish. Workmanship, component parts, and product performance is truly top shelf.

Baby Cisco Kid Series 200
Number of Hooks & Replacement Size: (2) #4 Treble
Length: 4″
Weight: 5/8 oz
Construction: Plastic

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